January 8, 2024

Harness hyperlocal weather data for precise plant protection

Harness hyperlocal weather data for precise plant protection

Preserve your soil microbiome by reducing the risk of drift and run-off using field specific weather insights with Cordulus Farm

Recently there’s been much debate over the role of plant protection products (PPPs) and their impact on the health and microbiomes of soil. Drifting particles and runoff chemicals can have adverse effects for not only your field’s soil health but the surrounding environment as well, often leading to product bans and expensive fines. 

It’s a tall task to track the changing regulatory landscape when it comes to spraying. Guidelines, restrictions, and requirements are constantly changing and what was true last month might not be the coming month. And farmers are used to navigating uncertainty on a daily basis, usually in the form of looking out the window and assessing the weather conditions. 

Reduce Uncertainty with Cordulus Farm

The weather is instrumental when it comes to efficiently applying PPPs. But with significant hyperlocal variability in wind velocity and sometimes minute-by-minute weather changes, it’s sometimes hard to tell what the right decision is. 

That’s exactly where Cordulus Farm empowers your decision making. With wind speed measured at ground-level, reliable forecasts tailored specifically for your fields, and real-time weather updates every 10 minutes, you can be sure that whatever decision you make is based on accurate and documented data.

When you’re spraying, if you see the wind speed start to change, simply take 10 seconds to check the Spraying Dashboard in Cordulus Farm and decide if you need to adjust the nozzle pressure, lower the boom, or change your driving speed.

More Convenience and Healthier Soil

Weather data doesn’t just help you when you’re already spraying, but also before and after. 

The accuracy of Cordulus Farm’s forecasts make it possible to plan ahead to ensure maximum efficiency of your PPP application with the least risk of damaging your local environment and wasting product in the process. Moreover, all your hyperlocal weather is collected and stored for analysis and documentation of the weather conditions during your spraying activities. 

Minimising drift and runoff isn’t just good for the countless invertebrates and other microorganisms keeping your soil healthy, but also for your bottomline. Cordulus Farm supports your every action that’s contingent upon the weather with precise measurements, field specific recommendations, and the most advanced hyperlocal forecasts available for farmers. 

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