Road weather stations for winter maintenance.

Our solutions help large and small winter maintenance organisations monitor road conditions and make the right decisions at the right times.

Cordulus Road Advanced Station
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How hyper-local weather data impact winter maintenance

Our road weather stations are smart and cost-effective solutions that allow you to monitor your roads, bike paths and other infrastructural points of interest and plan your winter service based on local weather conditions.

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A constant overview

Maintain a constant overview of your roads, bike paths or other points of interest, and plan your call-outs optimally.

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Optimize resources

Save on the costs associated with snow removal and road ice control, and avoid using human resources to monitor far-away weather conditions.

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Protect the environment

Prioritize your salt spreading and minimize the environmental impact of your actions.

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Historical data

Document historical weather conditions with precise and reliable data. All weather data are automatically stored in the cloud.

A versatile weather monitoring concept for road maintenance

Cordulus Road is a simple concept for winter road weather monitoring. Using our rental model, you’ll be able to establish dense networks of solar-powered and fixed-current weather stations and monitor exactly where it matters most.


Simple rental model

Choose between two different models and various sensor configurations - all included in an annual subscription at a fixed cost.


Network monitoring

Your network of weather stations is constantly monitored to ensure the highest possible up-time. If issues are detected, we act immediately.


Limitless service

The days of worrying about hardware maintenance are over. All repairs and replacements are included in your Cordulus Road subscription.

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Integrating data into your preferred solutions.


In Denmark, our stations are set up and integrated with the national RWIS software platform Vejvejr, which is operated by the Danish Road Directorate.


We have also made an app specifically for winter maintenance, where you easily and quickly can access your road stations and their data.


If you use your own software, we can also offer data integration into your own platform via API.

Want to know more?

Interested to learn more about our weather systems for road weather monitoring? Get in touch with one of our specialists.