Cordulus Road


A mini road weather station that allows you to build large and dense networks of measuring points.

Cordulus Road Station at bike path
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Become data-based

Cover your blind spots on the road network, bike paths and other infrastructural points of interest and become data-based in all your actions.

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Know when it’s slippery

Standard is specifically designed for winter maintenance, and its weather parameters allow you to know if road and driving conditions are icy or not.

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Easily installed

The easy and flexible installation of Standard allows you to build a larger network of measuring points than previously possible.

Everything essential to winter service

Cordulus Road Standard is specifically designed for winter maintenance and is robustly built to survive the harsh winter environment. Its design and sensors allow you to receive critical weather information from even your most remote areas.


Road temperature

Air temperature

Air humidity

Calculated dewpoint

Optional wind sensor

Optional rain sensor


Easily installed

100% solar powered

SIM and data included

Built-in GPS

Winter weather station Cordulus Road standard at the side of a road covered in snow during winter
Winter weather station Cordulus Road standard at the side of a road covered in snow during winter

Cordulus Road


Cordulus Road Standard comes with a set of standard sensors that send you updates on road temperature, air humidity, air temperature and calculated dew point every 10 minutes. Additionally, there is an option to add wind and rain sensors to meet your needs.

The station is powered exclusively by an accompanying solar panel and battery and therefore does not require a connection to a fixed power source. This means that the station can also be placed on your exposed sections where establishing a fixed power connection would be a costly affair!

Standard sends data over the mobile network with its GSM module, and is therefore independent of WiFi or internet connection.


Simple rental model

Our rental model is a cost-effective solution for building your own road weather monitoring network - at a fixed annual cost.


Network monitoring

Your network of weather stations is constantly monitored to ensure the highest possible up-time. If issues are detected, we act immediately.


Limitless service

The days of worrying about hardware maintenance are over. All repairs and replacements are included in your Cordulus Road subscription.

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Integrating data into your preferred solutions.


In Denmark, our stations are set up and integrated with the national RWIS software platform Vejvejr, which is operated by the Danish Road Directorate.


We have also made an app specifically for winter maintenance, where you easily and quickly can access your road stations and their data.


If you use your own software, we can also offer data integration into your own platform via API.

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