Cordulus Road


A large road weather station that can handle special sensors to meet your needs.

Cordulus Advanced Station at a Road
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Detailed insights

Get valuable and actionable road status insights from your key locations. Advanced is designed to operate special sensors for winter maintenance.

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Multiple road parameters

With the IRS31Pro Road Sensor, you receive updates on detailed road parameters such as residual salt, surface condition and more.

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Sturdy and reliable

Advanced is built to withstand even the toughest weather conditions and will provide weather insights during the longest of winters.

A superior road weather station for winter maintenance

Cordulus Road Advanced is designed to last through the toughest of winters and provide detailed road and weather status insights.


IRS31Pro-UMB Road Sensor from Lufft.
Parameters include road temperature, residual salt, asphalt surface condition and more

Air temperature

Air humidity

Calculated dewpoint

Optional wind sensor

Optional rain sensor


Can be connected to fixed power or connected to our solar panel solution

SIM and data included

Built-in GPS

Product picture of Cordulus Road Advanced
Picture of Cordulus Road Advanced at a road

Cordulus Road


Cordulus Road Advanced is a large road weather station that can connect to special sensors. The station consists of a basic module that provides measurements on air temperature, air humidity and calculated dew point. In addition, you can choose the advanced road sensor IRS31PRO-UMB from the manufacturer Lufft, which in addition to road temperature measures residual salt, surface condition, and other valuable road parameters. Advanced also has the option to add wind and rain sensors to meet your needs.

The  road weather station requires a fixed power supply. The station transmits its data over the mobile network via its GSM module and is therefore independent of WiFi or internet connection.


Simple rental model

Our rental model is a cost-effective solution for building your own road weather monitoring network - at a fixed annual cost.


Network monitoring

Your network of weather stations is constantly monitored to ensure the highest possible up-time. If issues are detected, we act immediately.


Limitless service

The days of worrying about hardware maintenance are over. All repairs and replacements are included in your Cordulus Road subscription.

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Integrating data into your preferred solutions.


In Denmark, our stations are set up and integrated with the national RWIS software platform Vejvejr, which is operated by the Danish Road Directorate.


If you use your own software, we can also offer data integration into your own platform via API.

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