February 16, 2024

Cordulus Farm se lanza en España

Cordulus Farm se lanza en España

Just seven years ago, a group of students from the University of Aarhus in Denmark clinched victory at the ESA Space Camp, an annual competition hosted by the European Space Agency that showcases projects in space research. Their winning concept, centered on providing farmers with satellite imagery, blossomed into Ceptu, a thriving enterprise.

Three years into its inception, Ceptu pivoted by introducing its inaugural weather station to the market, attracting substantial investors like Danish Agro and Pajbjergfonden. This shift also prompted a rebranding to FieldSense, focusing on crafting weather stations tailored for agricultural use. Over the past five years, the company has garnered the attention of Rockstart, a prominent investment fund. In 2023, the firm, now rechristened Cordulus, expanded its reach to Spain, marking its presence in 12 countries.

Cordulus Farm: A Network of Hyperlocal Weather Stations

Cordulus boasts a network of over 3,000 weather stations across 2,300 farms spanning 12 countries, encompassing more than two million square kilometers. This extensive network enables Cordulus to furnish users with hyperlocal weather forecasts, boasting 25% greater accuracy within the initial 48 hours compared to traditional local meteorological services. Operating on a subscription-based model covering maintenance and advisory services, these stations furnish forecasts up to five days in advance.

The operational model is straightforward: farmers seeking to join the network install Cordulus weather stations, equipped to measure six key variables: wind speed, precipitation, air and soil temperature, as well as air and soil humidity. Powered by solar panels and featuring GPS and GSM connectivity, these stations grant users access to data from five additional networked stations. All data is processed and accessible via smartphones, offering diverse viewing options.

This accessibility empowers farmers with invaluable insights, aiding decision-making processes that optimize time and costs: from harvesting during optimal weather conditions to applying precise amounts of agricultural products based on real-time weather data, and mitigating risks associated with adverse weather patterns.

In response to inquiries about technologies or knowledge contributing to alleviating the effects of drought, Cordulus shares expertise garnered from addressing challenges akin to those faced by the Swedish Fire Authority amid wildfires. Adapting the Canadian fire index to Terra's climate, considering factors like soil composition and earth humidity, holds promise for application in the agricultural sector.

Moreover, through collaboration with The Official College of Agronomists of Levante, Cordulus has established a fruitful partnership with Mr. Joaquin Ignacio Martinez, an Agronomist with a Doctorate degree, boasting three decades of experience and numerous innovative solutions. With Cordulus weather stations and Mr. Martinez's expertise, we have full confidence that our clients are in good hands, ensuring they receive top-tier guidance and support.

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