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The first and best AI-enhanced farmers weather forecasts

Get hyperlocal forecasts you can actually trust and use to plan your upcoming farming activities.

Cordulus uses revolutionary AI-technology and a network of thousands of weather station to localise and error-correct existing forecasts, giving you the most accurate forecasts available on the market. 

Home screen with weather data and forecasts in the Cordulus Farm App

Revolutionising forecasting

It’s not uncommon for you and your neighbours to get the same forecast but widely different actual measurements. Ordinary weather models make forecasts for large grids that cannot account for the hyperlocal nature of the weather.

These models cannot be trusted with certainty to plan your farming activities ahead. Luckily, we have developed a disruptive technology that will change farming practices forever.

We help farmers optimize their field work and improve profitability and sustainability by eliminating the guesswork of weather prediction.

Trained on 400.000 daily weather readings over 5 years

Unmatched accuracy

Cordulus’ market leading forecasting combines the best weather forecasting services today with our own proprietary post-processing technology to provide the most accurate, hyperlocal forecasts available on the market.

By calibrating existing weather forecasting models with individual weather stations, we are beating existing numerical weather predictions (NWPs) by providing hyperlocal and reliable forecasts. 

We’ve created the definitive hyperlocal weather forecasting model that you can implement in your day-to-day farming operations. 

By using the over 730 million data points collected by Cordulus weather stations, we - as the only ones on the market - can give you field specific forecasts that continually outcompete every other alternative, both in terms of accuracy and adaptability.

Farm weather forecasting with Cordulus Farm updates faster than other services.

Cordulus eliminates up to 48% of errors in forecasts for all weather stations in our network

All of Cordulus' clients experience significant improvements in everyday work planning and decision making, because they finally have accurate forecasts to rely on. And it's not just us saying it, just take a look at what some of the farmers with Cordulus Farm say:

Mark Peters - UK Farmer

“Interesting, the rainfall predictions seem quite accurate. Over the summer, a few times other apps have predicted no rain, and Cordulus predicted 7 mm which we got. Last night, other apps said 2 mm while Cordulus said 17 mm. We got 20 mm!”

Similarly, Jeremy Squirrell has been greatly impressed with our forecast accuracy as it helps him with his day-to-day operations on his farm: 
Jeremy Squirrell talking about finding from Cordulus Farm forecast
Data from Digital Weather Station about Hyperlocal Weather data from Cordulus Farm

Continually pushing the boundaries of meteorological accuracy

Cordulus already stands at the forefront of local weather forecasting, but we still aim to improve. Even though this technology is new, it has already proven itself to be a better alternative for farmers than traditional forecasting methods. 

Here at Cordulus, half of our entire team is dedicated to product development and applied meteorology. Focusing on consistently improving the precision and accuracy of our weather forecasts, we strive to master disciplines within data science, machine learning, and meteorological forecasting. 

As our network grows, so too does our ability to provide precise and error-corrected measurements and forecasts that all of our users can benefit from. 

Cordulus employee looking at weather data
Cordulus Farm user Ian Norbury from the UK

"If I’ve got the agronomist on the farm, we can look back and see if there’s been growth issues; whether we had enough rain or not, whether it’s been in a period of drought that could have impacted the establishment of the reseed."

Ian Norbury
Dairy Farms
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Cordulus Farm user John Collen from the UK

"Easy to install, great quality weather station product. Records wind speeds over time to assist with spray recording and general day-to-day operations."

John Collen
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Cordulus Farm user Karsten Snitkjaer from Denmark

"It should almost be a law to have  Cordulus Farm. It's absolutely critical for drilling and spraying properly. Most people have a feeling about the weather and its importance, but it's too vague. The data in the app makes it systematic."

Karsten Snitkjaer
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