More weather data with five free digital weather stations

When you subscribe to Cordulus Farm, you become a part of the Cordulus network. For every weather station you have, you can access to 5 digital weather stations around the countryside.

The values of cooperatives are deeply ingrained in Cordulus’ DNA. We believe that, through sharing weather data and giving access to a larger network to farmers, we can enable you to benefit and gain insights from more than just your own weather station.

Cordulus weather station showing five connection for digital weather stations
Green field with rain clouds overhead

Explore the Cordulus Network

What is a digital weather station?

A digital station is simply just any weather station connected to the network that isn’t yours. So if your neighbour has a Cordulus weather station, you can access it as a digital station.

  • Connect to 5 weather stations no matter where they are
  • Full access to all collected weather data, forecasts, and farming analyses
  • Swap out the weather stations you're connected to as you need

Get hyperlocal weather data from up to 5 of the 1000s of weather stations connected to the network, all with just one subscription. Weather stations you can use as if they were your own; for spraying, harvesting, applying plant protection, and so on.

Learn about Cordulus weather stations here
The Cordulus App displaying five location markers for digital weather stations
The Cordulus App home screen displaying five location markers for digital weather stations

Spread out farmland

If you have spread out fields but only 1 weather station, you can access nearby digital weather stations. 

  • Avoid driving to your fields in vain
  • Get a larger overview of the surrounding area

This allows you to access weather data, forecasts, and analyses for fields near your distant farm plots if there’s another weather station nearby - enabling you to use a digital weather station just like you would your own.

"Everything the weather station does is good to keep track of. Works extremely well if you have a large spread of fields. I have three, but in practice that means I can keep track of 18 weather stations.” - Erik Thorell

Become your own meteorologist

You can connect to nearby weather stations and see if it’s raining in those fields and help you determine which way the rain is moving.  

How? If you can see it has started raining at one weather station, and then 10 minutes after it starts raining at another digital station, you can approximate the direction and speed of the rain, allowing you to use that knowledge to inform your farming activities. 

"I have monitored the rain information from the stations in the incoming direction. This way I have been able to anticipate the arrival of a rain front and finish risky work tasks well in advance of the rain." - Samuel Jussila

A farmer using The Cordulus rain radar on a smartphone, monitoring weather conditions in real-time.
The Cordulus App displaying historical data from digital weather stations

Free access to all the collected weather data

There are no limits to the amount of data that you can see for digital weather stations in the Cordulus Farm app. That includes all the historical weather data collected by weather stations in your area which you can use to identify weather trends.

“We farm a large area and do not have coverage of the entire area with our weather stations, so it’s good that you can see the weather for places where we don’t have weather stations.” - Christian Sommerlund

You will also be able to see the many different dashboards and actionable analyses that makes it easy to compare your own fields to the surrounding farmland.

Discover the features of the Cordulus Farm app now

Stay updated on nearby weather conditions

Have to help a colleague or do contract work in a field that’s not yours? Simply connect to the closest digital weather station and you’re ready to go.

Ensure that you’re always connected and use hyperlocal weather data to inform your farming, no matter where you are.

“The Cordulus network is great. I can easily see our neighbors' weather station measurements. This is really important for us to see in order to know how the weather is developing locally.” - James Hay

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Precipitation iconTwo farmers discussing data collected from various Cordulus weather stations, examining a the data together.