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Precise crop protection starts with Cordulus

Cordulus' easy-to-use spraying analysis helps you plan and execute your spraying activities, reducing costs and improving your sustainability.

Stay updated with field weather conditions every 10 minutes, ensuring that your spraying is as effective and accurate as possible. 

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Spray smart, save more

Precision spraying has an enormous potential to help you save time and money, because it is done so often during the growing season. That's why you need a tool that can help you get the most out of your time and plant protection products every time you spray.

  • Save time and money with hyperlocal weather data
  • Get an overview of relevant weather conditions in seconds
  • Eliminate the guesswork and spray during optimal weather conditions

Spraying is heavily impacted by local weather conditions and you must consider the weather before you apply your crop protection. The Cordulus Spraying Dashboard lets you know if it's the right time to spray by using hyperlocal weather data.

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Cordulus Spraying dashboardA farmer using The Cordulus on a smartphone, monitoring spraying conditions.

Spraying made simple

With the spraying dashboard, you can see wind speed, wind direction, rainfall, air temperature and relative humidity, all directly from your field.

In the intuitive overview, you can see the most relevant weather conditions: wind, rainfall and evaporation. It uses a red-yellow-green color scheme to show you how suitable your field is for spraying.

  • A simple overview of wind, rainfall and evaporation conditions
  • Updated every 10 minutes based on your local weather

The Spraying Dashboard is a powerful tool, especially when combined with Cordulus' AI weather forecasts to get the most out of your spraying windows.

Discover Cordulus' AI forecasts here

Regional data or local measurements?

Hyperlocal weather data helps you get a better understanding of the weather on your fields and you can use that to get in more optimal spraying hours.

There’s a big difference in the amount of spraying hours when you compare regional weather data with in-field weather measurements. Just take a look at this example where we compare in-field measurements with data from national weather services over 11 days.

  • Local weather varies greatly across short distances
  • Get the most optimal spraying hours with a local weather station

The highlighted weather stations all had the same amount of good spraying hours as each other according to regional weather data, but the local weather data shows another, much more accurate picture.

Spraying hours overview Regional forecasts vs local conditions map illustration
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Maximise your plant protection

You are likely familiar with the frustration of driving to one of your fields to check the weather, or worse, preparing the sprayer and mixing your chemicals only to find it's too windy or rainy to spray.

Cordulus can help you avoid these scenarios. Our Spraying Dashboard minimizes wasted hours driving to distant fields and reduces pesticide waste, saving you time and money in the long run.

"We are scattered and don't know what it looks like in our fields that are a few miles away. We use the Cordulus weather station especially when it comes to spraying, to see the wind speeds in the fields."
- Axel Ohlsson

Sustainable crop protection

Imagine you’re out the field spraying and the wind speed starts to increase. Without real-time weather data, how would you know if it's still safe to spray?

Later, you're asked to document the weather conditions during your spraying by a a governmental agency to ensure compliance with regulations - do you have that data? 

  • Spraying during poor weather harms your spraying efficiency and impact the local environment

Hyperlocal weather data helps you avoid drift, runoff and leaching while making it easier for you to provide documentation for your spraying efforts. Want to see it for yourself? Try Cordulus' 14 day free trial today!

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