November 1, 2021

Coming soon: Weather forecasts and Digital Weather Stations.

Coming soon: Weather forecasts and Digital Weather Stations.

We have some exciting news! In fact, we have two. We are launching two new features, and they are not just any features. These are actually the two most requested features we have received throughout our time in the agriculture industry. The features are:


For those of you who are curious, in this post, you can read more about these two additions. If you are a customer of ours, you will automatically gain access to the new features when they are launched on November 15th, 2021.


We are adding a weather forecast to our app. Without sounding too self-congratulatory, we actually believe it will become the most accurate weather forecast in the market for those who have a FieldSense weather station. We believe this because we employ a method called Hardware Assisted Weather Forecasting, where we utilize hardware (i.e., weather stations) to provide precise, localized inputs to the forecasting models. And since our weather station is right where you need a weather forecast – on your field – the weather forecast becomes a prediction for the weather on your specific field.

The weather forecast will extend 16 days ahead and will include precipitation, wind speed and direction, as well as air temperature and humidity.


We have built a large weather network over time, which has grown bigger and bigger thanks to the collective efforts of many farmers. Now, we are opening it up so that you can access data from individual weather stations.

In other words, you will be able to connect to all the weather stations located around, even if they are not 'your own'. For example, you can make use of your neighbor's weather station, and they can make use of yours. However, there will be a limitation on the number: You can connect to a maximum of 5 digital weather stations for each weather station you subscribe to.

When you connect to a Digital Weather Station, you gain full access to data in the same way as you do to 'your own'. This includes all weather parameters, historical data, analyses, etc

We're excited!

This update means a lot to us. These are features that many of you have repeatedly requested. And we are proud to deliver them and become an even more valuable tool in agriculture.

The update will be released on November 15, 2021.

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