Accurate weather data for farming

Cordulus Farm Station measures on a wide range of weather parameters and transforms weather data into actionable and easily understood information.

Agricultural weather station from Cordulus that is a digital farm weather station with an automatic rain gauge
Field close to harvest with site-specific weather forecast from Cordulus Farm

The smartest farm weather solution

Cordulus Farm provides the most accurate and reliable hyperlocal weather insights for farmers. Act with certainty using actionable weather data to increase your farming efficiency, lower costs, and save time.

Our unique technology allows us to create localised forecasts for your fields, giving you a significant advantage when it comes to planning farming activities ahead, making it easier and more convenient for your farm management.

Cordulus Farm offers farmers a weather data solution that just makes sense. The yearly subscription plan lets you forget the worries of maintenance costs, data-handling fees, and hard-to-reach customer support.

Cordulus Farm Weather Station with Blue Sky

Benefit from hyperlocal weather, from seeding to harvest

The savings are indicative estimations based on average numbers and figures. Your situation may look different than what is  portrayed in these numbers.

Reduce driving in vain

Reduce time and fuel consumption by monitoring wind and rain conditions to avoid driving to fields with unsuitable weather conditions.

Savings per year

€85 to €265*

Growing Season

Tractor plowing a field

Improve spraying

Double the efficiency of spraying by applying the right amount of products under the right weather conditions.

Savings per year

€650 to €3,2K*


CLAAS tractor spraying with plant protection products

Avoid product waste

Avoid runoff and increase efficiency by applying plant protection at the optimal times.

Savings per year

€360 to €1,8K*


Green wheat with water drops

Prevent sprayer delays

Prevent delays of the application of mixed chemistry that’s subject to aggressive half-life, avoiding extraneous use of chemistry.

Savings per year

€150 to €460*


Green corn close up

Prevent dry matter loss

Secure the harvest on your fields by ensuring you harvest under the best weather conditions.

Savings per year

€490 to €1,9K*


Combine harvester in the field

Reduce drying costs

Plan your harvest so your grain has the perfect moisture content and save significantly on drying costs.

Savings per year

€720 to €3,5K*


Storage silos behind a field of wheat during the summer

A growing farm weather network

The Cordulus Farm network consists of more than 3700 weather stations, installed and used by thousands of farmers.

When you subscribe to Cordulus Farm, you get access 5 additional weather stations in the Cordulus network, almost as if they were your own.

Map overview of The Cordulus weather station network
Cordulus Farm user Ian Norbury from the UK

"If I’ve got the agronomist on the farm, we can look back and see if there’s been growth issues; whether we had enough rain or not, whether it’s been in a period of drought that could have impacted the establishment of the reseed."

Ian Norbury
Dairy Farms
1 / 3
Cordulus Farm user John Collen from the UK

"Easy to install, great quality weather station product. Records wind speeds over time to assist with spray recording and general day-to-day operations."

John Collen
2 / 3
Cordulus Farm user Karsten Snitkjaer from Denmark

"It should almost be a law to have  Cordulus Farm. It's absolutely critical for drilling and spraying properly. Most people have a feeling about the weather and its importance, but it's too vague. The data in the app makes it systematic."

Karsten Snitkjaer
3 / 3

How Cordulus Farm works


Easy installation. Set up your own weather network and start receiving local weather data in less than 30 minutes.


Follow the weather conditions in your fields from your phone. Measurements are updated every 10 minutes throughout the entire year.


Take action on your weather conditions. The built-in dashboards help you determine when to sow, spray, harvest and much more.

Guide on how to install weather station from Cordulus Farm
Farmer using the Cordulus Farm app when out in the field
Combine harvester harvesting a field of wheat during the summer
Guide on how to install weather station from Cordulus Farm
Farmer using Cordulus Farm in the field to get field-specific weather data
Combine harvester harvesting wheat during harvest season

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