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Cordulus empowers people with hyperlocal weather data through innovative technologies and customised solutions.

Rethinking weather

We know that weather is not just something to be predicted, but something to be harnessed. Inspired by the work of Danish meteorologist Niels Henrik Cordulus Hoffmeyer, who pushed the boundaries of weather forecasting, we’re determined to continue that legacy by leveraging cutting-edge weather data technology and AI to empower decision-makers across industries.

Our platform delivers real-time weather data, advanced analytics, and predictive models that enable proactive decision-making and risk management. By partnering with organizations that share our vision, we’re working towards a future where communities and industries are better equipped to face weather-related challenges.

Our impact in numbers

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Discover the mission and story behind our company

At Cordulus, we’re committed to changing the way industries access weather data. We leverage AI and weather sensors for a greater purpose - to offer better insights into our future climate and help others mitigate its impact.

To achieve this, we are building a global weather infrastructure to gather ground truth weather data, unparalleled in accuracy and reliability via our data as a service model.

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