February 29, 2024

Making smart farming decisions with accurate and reliable weather data

Making smart farming decisions with accurate and reliable weather data

Samuel has been a keen user of Cordulus Farm since 2021. Why did he decide to acquire the weather station, and what has his experience been? 

"I have always wanted to stay updated with the latest knowledge and technology in agriculture. We have had several weather stations on the farm, but they have all represented the so-called market class. The information was not stored anywhere, the accuracy varied, and the units broke down every few years. When I used to do crop protection spraying for other land owners, I gained access to their weather stations via the internet, thanks to one of my clients who invested in agriculture. 

This way, there was no need for unnecessary detours to the contracted fields twenty kilometers away. That was about 15 years ago. Back then, technology was expensive, and the information could only be read as an Excel table. Today’s applications not only offer weather measurements but so much more.” 

Samuel had long considered getting a weather station for his farm, and in the 2021 growing season, a Cordulus weather station was installed in the field. 

The appeal of an all-inclusive service concept

“The idea of having a decent weather station is on everyone’s mind. Cordulus has a good business concept, where they don't just sell hardware but rather the overall service around it. 

In my busy daily life, I want to be able to easily and simply use a functional package. A farmer friend of mine also praised the hardware itself. Knowing that the equipment is like a lease agreement, and that broken or outdated components are always replaced with new ones if necessary without separate compensation, seemed smart.” 

"The decision to buy the Cordulus weather station was based on good references and a competent-sounding concept."

After the arrival of the weather station, the installation was easy and straightforward. The equipment was ready for operation in an instant and started generating information for the phone app.

“I kept the traditional rain gauge next to the weather station to ensure the accuracy of the rain gauge. My doubts were quickly erased, and the traditional gauge quickly went out of use. In my experience, a traditional plastic rain gauge can be easily misinterpreted by half a milliliter, a weather station does not leave room for interpretation in the same way.” 

Making accurate farm decisions with precise weather data

On the farm, especially in crop protection work, the information from the weather station is useful. Crop protection agents all have their own ideal conditions of use. The appropriate temperature, wind, and humidity are all very influencing factors. For example, with some types of wheat and special plant substances, weather conditions often affect the effectiveness of control more than the amount of applied substance. Pest control should not happen randomly, and especially for fields located far from the farm center, the importance of local weather information is crucial. 

For far-away fields, having access to the Cordulus network also helps. I’ve used this feature to know from which direction the possible rain is coming. I’ve observed the rain and wind direction from closeby weather stations and observed the developing conditions. This way, I have been able to anticipate the arrival of a rain early and finish risky tasks well before the rain came my way. 

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