March 2, 2024

Optimal application of plant protection products

Optimal application of plant protection products

Precision spraying begins with Cordulus Farm

One of the most weather-affected farming activities is spraying throughout the season. The Cordulus Farm app offers farmers a valuable tool for precision spraying, helping farmers safeguard crops and ensure optimal yields. In this post, we will explore how the Cordulus Farm spraying dashboard equips farmers with the tools and practices needed to reduce drifting and navigate potential risks seamlessly. 

The importance of precision spraying

Precision spraying is all about protecting crops and maximizing the effectiveness of applied chemicals while also minimizing the environmental impact. To address this challenge, the Cordulus Farm app offers a dedicated spraying dashboard that summarises the relevant weather conditions for spraying, providing farmers with an easy to use overview of current conditions: 

1. Tracking essential weather parameters 

Utilizing the on-farm weather measurements, the Cordulus spraying dashboard summarizes key weather parameters such as wind speed and direction, temperature, humidity, rain and evaporation. These parameters are crucial in understanding the environment in which spraying will take place. 

2. Red, Yellow, Green indicators 

The dashboard summarizes these weather parameters in easy-to-understand indicators, using red, yellow and green to signal potential risks or favorable conditions. This color-coded system enables quick decision-making, empowering farmers to proceed with confidence. 

Understanding risks

To maximise the benefits of the Cordulus spraying dashboard, it’s essential to understand the challenges associated with spraying and how accurate weather data can mitigate them: 

1. Drifting particles 

Uncontrolled drifting due to too high wind speeds pose a risk to neighbouring crops and ecosystems. Cordulus helps farmers mitigate this by providing real-time wind data and actionable advisories. 

2. Rain washing off products

Considering rain when spraying is essential, and Cordulus helps farmers avoid situations where valuable products are washed off leaves before they can take effect.
By monitoring weather conditions and particularly precipitation, farmers can prevent chemical leeching into groundwater, promoting sustainable farming practices. 

3. Chemical burns and dilution

The spraying dashboard helps farmers avoid concentrations that may lead to chemical burns or reduced effectiveness due to factors like evaporation or dew. 

Please note that, while the Cordulus spraying dashboard is a powerful tool, it’s crucial to remember that several factors contribute to successful spraying. Farmers should pay attention to other influencing factors, such as tractor speed, boom height, water rate and nozzle selection. 

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