Securing traffic safety with reliable road weather stations

Cordulus Road provides reliable and practical road weather stations for winter maintenance.
Our systems are trusted by private, municipal and governmental road maintenance departments.

Top view of a country road in winter

About Cordulus Road

At Cordulus, we make weather solutions for various industries. Our road weather stations help winter maintenance organizations manage the unpredictability of the weather. Through clever use of weather sensors and software, Cordulus Road provides insights into hyper-local weather conditions, providing winter service teams with the weather information they need to maintain traffic and infrastructural safety at all times.

As the climate becomes increasingly unpredictable and extreme, managing changing and local weather conditions has become more important than ever. Combined with expectations of increasing efficiency and becoming more and more sustainable, winter maintenance organizations turn to Cordulus Road to get accurate and reliable weather data from their points of interest.

Cordulus Road Standard at a road during winter

Tested and approved by authorities

All Cordulus Road weather stations have been thoroughly tested by the Danish Road authorities. The purpose of these tests have been to assess the quality of hardware, sensors and data management alike, and whether or not the stations lived up to the standards of the authorities. The succesful evaluations of these tests have allowed our road weather stations to become part of the Danish national RWIS software “Vejvejr”.

We are proud to deliver solutions that comply with national standards and aspire to live up to this level of quality and service in everything we do. Today, we work with state, municipal and private winter maintenance organizations, and our weather stations are active on large and small roads, bike paths, parking lots and other infrastructural points of interest.

As an innovative weather data company, we always look for new ways that weather insights can benefit industry stakeholders and improve profitability and sustainability. If you have a request out of the ordinary, feel free to reach out and we will be most happy to work on finding solutions to your challenges.

Cordulus Road Advanced at a road during winter