Cost-efficient construction weather solution

Cordulus offers an all-in-one yearly subscription with a weather station and full and unlimited access to the Cordulus Construction app.

Enjoy a weather data solution where you don’t have to worry about maintenance costs, not being able to reach customer support, or hidden costs appearing out of nowhere - discover all the advantages of a Cordulus Construction subscription below.

Why Rental?

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Efficient maintenance

Hyperlocal weather data is essential for construction site management. That’s why you can rely on our expedient service to get you up and running as soon as possible.

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Local support

Local networks are important to us and that goes beyond just weather data. If you need help with anything, our local support team is more than happy to assist you.

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One fixed price

There are no costly add-ons or features locked behind paywalls: everything you need is included for one yearly price.

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No hidden costs

There are no maintenance expenses, no shipping fees, no extra warranty costs. If the stations stops working for any reason beyond irreparable damage or theft, you don't have to pay anything for a replacement - everything’s included.

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Share access with ease

Share your hyperlocal weather data with your stakeholders, be it employees, co-workers or developers.

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Built to last

Ensuring a reliable, robust product benefits all involved in a rental solution. This is why we engineered the weather station with longevity in mind.

96.5% of our subscribes stay after the first year
- and that’s not a coincidence

The smartest construction weather solution

Cordulus Construction provides the most accurate and reliable hyperlocal weather insights for construction workers. Act with certainty using actionable weather data to lower costs and save time with an unrivalled potential ROI.

Our proprietary technology allows us to create localised forecasts for your construction sites, giving you a significant advantage when it comes to planning ahead, making it easier and more convenient for your site management.

Cordulus Construction offers construction workers a weather data solution that just makes sense. The yearly subscription plan lets you forget the worries of maintenance costs, data-handling fees, and hard-to-reach customer support.

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