Cordulus Construction weather station at a construction site

Robust and accurate weather station for construction

The Cordulus Construction weather station was developed to offer hyperlocal weather insights at an affordable price.

It's a robust piece of equipment which is built to be transportable and able to withstand rough outdoor conditions. All year round. Year after year.

Functionality and longevity in perfect balance

The Cordulus Construction weather station is composed of durable and smart components that are optimized to provide precise measurements with minimal battery usage and wear.

That’s why measurements are made and transmitted every 10 minutes - the smallest interval that ensures energy efficiency and the practical use of the data.

Most meteorological measurements are made across larger regions. But the weather can vary greatly across small distances - where one construction site might have gotten too much rain, another might not have gotten any.

The value of precise local weather data cannot be overestimated and the Cordulus Construction weather station is built to provide that all year round.

Wind Speed

Access wind speed measurements where it matters

With a wind sensor at ground-level, you always get precise and relevant measurements.

The sensor itself is made from aluminium alloy with a polyester coating - a combination that’s much sturdier than alternatives, without sacrificing the sensitivity of the measurements.

It measures all the way from 0.5 m/s to 50 m/s with a resolution of 0.01 m/s and with an outstanding accuracy of ±0.5% at speeds below 5 m/s and ±3% at speeds between 5 and 50 m/s.

Wind sensor (Anenometer) on the Cordulus Construction weather station
Rain gauge on the Cordulus Construction weather station
Rain gauge on the Cordulus Construction weather station

Rain Gauge

Get incredibly accurate precipitation data with automatic precision tools and advanced data-processing

The precipitation sensor measures rainfall using a patented self-emptying single spoon tipping bucket system.

The spoon is made from a dismissive material (POM) which prevents most dust and dirt from sticking on the spoon while also maximizing water release to ensure accuracy down to the last drop.

The spoon tips for every 2 grams of precipitation and has a resolution fine-tuned all the way down to 0.1 mm. The precision of our measurements combined with the power of our processing allows us to measure at an accuracy of ±2% - among the very best on the market.

Air Measurements

Everything you need to know about air in an intelligent three-in-one sensor

The Cordulus weather station measures 3 parameters:

  • Air Temperature
  • Air Humidity
  • Air Pressure

‍Hidden inside the Stevenson Screen, the sensors are sheltered from the interference of other weather conditions on the final measurements.

They are extremely compact and energy efficient - and that's without sacrificing precision even in the slightest.

Air temperature, air humidity, and air pressure sensor on the Cordulus Construction weather station
Soil temperature sensor on the Cordulus Construction weather station
Soil temperature sensor on the Cordulus Construction weather station mounting rod
Soil temperature sensor on the ground under a Cordulus Construction weather station

Soil Temperature

Practical and easy to install soil temperature sensor

The soil temperature cable is armored in a metallic mesh to prevent accidental severing of the cord.

It's fitted with a red depth marker to make sure that installation is always an easy and intuitive process.


The most reliable construction weather station

Weather stations just have to work. All the time. That's why we chose to send the collected data from the weather station to the app through a tried and tested GSM network which relies on public infrastructure.

It's also equipped with a GPS module which means that it is always trackable - meaning that connecting your weather station to your construction site is a simple and quick process. And that also means that it's protected against theft with the precise tracking module.

GSM module on the Cordulus Construction Weather Station
GSM Chip module inside the Cordulus Farm weather station
Solar panel on the Cordulus Construction weather station

Solar Powered Battery

An intelligent battery that’s built to last

The weather station runs on solar power and a smart charging system that keeps the battery working at maximum efficiency.

It can last on a single charge for weeks and it takes just a couple sunny days to fully recharge the battery from empty.

Moreover, with a flexible battery charge that changes depending on the weather, the battery is kept in top condition throughout its lifetime and lasts longer because of it.

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