Farm smarter with a live rain radar

It’s hard to make informed decisions when working with something as unpredictable as rain. But rainfall is one of the most crucial weather conditions for agriculture and any step that takes us closer to being data-driven means less time wasted and more money saved. 

Cordulus offers farmers a live rain radar where they can easily follow the development of weather systems and compare radar data with measurements from weather stations in just a few clicks. 

Map view, homescreen and filters showing the capabilities of the Cordulus Rain Radar
Green field with rain clouds overhead

Explore the Cordulus rain radar

Predict rain clouds with 1 hour rain radar forecast

It's never nice to be surprised by rain because it can result in costly delays and a lot of wasted time. That’s why having a 1 hour rain radar forecast can greatly assist you in predicting the movement of rain clouds to prevent you from losing valuable time during your growing season.

  • Stay ahead of the rain
  • Track rain clouds
  • Forecast in 10-minute intervals

Take a glance at the rain radar before heading out, and you'll ensure your hard work won't be in vain. The rain radar forecast is placed on the home screen, so it’s easy to get a quick update on the cloud activity around your fields.

Read more about Cordulus' forecast here
1 hour rain radar forecast in the Cordulus App
Cordulus Farm App with 24 hour rain radar history

Stay updated with 24 hour rain radar history

Need to see how the rain clouds have moved overnight? Check the Cordulus Farm app first thing in the morning to see how the weather patterns affected your fields because rain doesn’t fall evenly. 

  • Track rain cloud movement
  • Historical data in 10-minute intervals

With the 24 hour history, you can easily see the varying intensity of rain over your fields. Your fields might have gotten vastly different amounts of rain and the Cordulus rain radar can help you make informed decisions about the optimal time to harvest or apply plant protection products.

Compare radar with weather station data

Radar is an excellent tool for monitoring rain clouds and by combining this with weather station measurements on the ground, you can get a much clearer image of the weather in your area. Was the precipitation just a passing rain shower or was it part of a larger weather system?

  • Become your own meteorologist
  • Know exactly where, when and how much it rained

With the ability to toggle between various different data points alongside the historical radar imagery, you can track with pinpoint accuracy the weather conditions for your fields. These insights enable you to plan your daily work with certainty.

Learn about Cordulus weather stations here
Cordulus weather station in a field with rainy clouds
Rain radar with a clear blue sky

High radar resolution with local precision

Radar solutions and providers vary from region to region and country to country. This is why we always use the best sources as our radar input, each specializing in an area so you always receive the most accurate and localized rain information possible. 

  • Always local radar imagery
  • Access 1100+ radar maps from 90+ countries

Our rain radar comprehensively covers farming areas and beyond, so you can always know if the local rain is part of a larger weather system. This ensures that Cordulus users only receive the most accurate and precise radar imagery available to them at their exact location.

Try Cordulus Farm for yourself

Want to see why thousands of farmers use Cordulus Farm each and every day in their farming operations? Try out a 14 day trial period of the Cordulus Farm app and test it out for yourself!

  • Connect to 5 weather stations in the Cordulus network
  • Explore the rain radar in the map
  • Discover how you can use the app to boost your daily operations

Empower your decision-making with hyperlocal weather data and several actionable farming analyses for the entire growing season. And you do want to know the best part? It's 100% free and non-binding, so try it out today!

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