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Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to you questions.

Will my weather data be saved?

Yes. All weather data will automatically be saved and can always be accessed in the app. All the historical data can be downloaded, all the way back to the time you installed the weather station. Data can be exported as Excel or CSV files.

How do I install the weather station?

The weather station is mounted on a sturdy stainless steel pipe, which is placed in a ground screw in the soil. The entire installation process is described in detail in the installation manual which you will receive along with your weather station, steel pipe and ground screw. It takes about 15 minutes to install and activate the weather station. If the weather station is correctly installed it will withstand any storm and weather conditions.

What if the weather station breaks down?

The weather station is covered by a lifetime warranty. If errors occur or your weather station breaks down we will replace it at no extra cost. You will receive a new weather station as soon as possible and receive instructions on how to return the old weather station to us.

Can I connect to other weather stations from the weather network?

Yes. For every weather station you subscribe to, you can connect to five additional weather stations in the network. This allows you to build your own weather network and stay updated on your local weather.

How does our subscription work?

Subscribing to Cordulus Farm Station means that you rent our weather station. You pay a start-up fee and an annual subscription, and then we will deal with everything concerning delivery, service, maintenance, repairs, SIM-card expenses and so on. This ensures that there are no unexpected costs associated with your weather station, and guarantees that you will have a working weather station at all times.

Can my employees join in as well?

Yes. You may share unlimited access with your coworkers and employees. Your coworkers will be able to see the same weather data, forecasts and analyses, allowing all of you to make informed decisions based on your local weather conditions.