Smart Construction Weather Station

Traditional weather services use grids and intervals that are too imprecise to provide satisfactory weather data for your construction sites. Weather is a hyperlocal and sporadic phenomena, where a few minutes or kilometers can make all the difference in the world.

Where you can only get rough estimates with other meteorological services, Cordulus offers precise hyperlocal measurements and forecasting accuracy at a very low cost, made possible with a Hardware-as-a-Service model.

Cordulus Construction weather station
Construction site with cranes

Number of weather days measured by Cordulus stations in July, 2023

Picture of number of weather days measured by Cordulus stations in July, 2023

Historical wind speed, gust, and safety threshold value over 2 days

Graph showing historical data from Cordulus Construction weather station that track weather days

Are you prepared for the weather of tomorrow?

Changing weather patterns

It's no secret that the weather is becoming more irregular as the climate changes. Anticipate unpredictability with precise documentation with a construction weather solution.

Hyperlocal variations

With higher volatility comes higher variation which makes keeping track of your specific construction site's weather conditions all the more pressing. What's true for your site might not be for another nearby worksite.

Because the difference between suitable and unsuitable working conditions might be just a couple of kilometers of distance, which traditional forecasting cannot account for.

The best weather solution for construction

Track on-site weather conditions

Access to hyperlocal weather data helps you reduce the likelihood of weather conditions increasing your workload, negatively impacting the quality of the build, causing material damage, or work injuries.

Document the local weather

In case of heavy winds or downpours that damages or halts your construction activities, you have access to accurate and thoroughly documented weather data, which you can easily provide to insurance companies or developers.

Predict the unpredictable

Cordulus' revolutionary approach to hyperlocal forecasts makes it possible to plan ahead for upcoming days with a higher level of accuracy than with traditional forecasts.

Cordulus Construction Weather Station providing site-specific weather data
Cordulus employee looking at weather data

Unmatched forecasting

Cordulus’ market leading AI-forecasting method combines the best weather forecasting services today with our own proprietary post-processing technology to provide the most accurate, hyperlocal forecasts available on the market.

By calibrating existing weather forecasting models with hardware-enhanced weather data, we beat existing numerical weather predictions (NWPs) by providing forecasts with 24% error reduction.

Using over 730 million data points collected by Cordulus weather stations, we give you site specific forecasts that outcompete other alternatives, both in terms of accuracy and adaptability.

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Historical measurements
Examine all your historical weather data in one place for easier analysis and documentation of your construction operations.
Smart API and simple data export
Connect your weather data to your IT-systems with ease and export your historical data to share with third parties.
Team management
Efficiently allocate your co-workers across different construction sites using hyperlocal weather data.
Real-time readings
Remotely access the hyperlocal weather conditions of your sites with updates every 10 minutes.
Reap the benefits of planning ahead with AI-enhanced, site specific weather forecasting.
Overview of construction sites
See the weather conditions of all your construction sites in one simple geographical map.
Cordulus Construction App Homescreen
Cordulus Construction App showing the map feature
Cordulus Construction App showing the map feature
Cordulus Construction App showing the map feature
Cordulus Construction App showing the map feature

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