Helping farmers manage the unpredictability of weather

Since our foundation in 2015, we’ve been on a mission to give farmers better tools for monitoring and managing the weather for important, day-to-day tasks throughout the growing seasons.

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About Cordulus Farm

Cordulus is a weather company that helps farmers manage the unpredictability of weather. Through clever use of weather sensors, software and a dash of artificial intelligence, Cordulus Farm generates key insights into past, current and future weather conditions on a field-level basis, providing farmers with the weather information they need for critical growing decisions from seeding to harvest.

As the climate becomes increasingly extreme, managing changing and local weather conditions has become more important than ever for farmers everywhere. Farmers turn to Cordulus Farm to get accurate and reliable weather data from their points of interest, and join a growing network of farmers who benefit mutually from each other’s weather stations.

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Our impact in numbers


Active weather stations

Since 2018, we have been expanding our network of hyper-local weather stations


Farms using Cordulus Farm stations today

Cordulus Farm Station has become a household tool for thousands of farmers in Northern Europe.


Countries with active weather stations

Our network of weather stations and trusted distributors is growing day by day.

The story
behind Cordulus



The company is renamed Cordulus to include all current and future weather solutions.


We raise €2.9M in funding and welcome Rockstart as a new investor.


We start developing road weather stations for winter maintenance - a new product category is born.


The company is renamed FieldSense and focuses entirely on creating weather stations for farmers.


Danish Agro and Pajbjergfonden are welcomed as new investors.


Our company pivots and the first version of the weather station is developed and launched to market.


Our company, Ceptu, is formed based on the study group idea to make satellite imagery available to farmers.


A study group from Aarhus University wins the ESA Space Camp competition.


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Why do we make weather stations for farming?

By 2050, agricultural outputs must double to meet food demands from a growing world population. In an increasingly challenging climate, farmers turn to new technology for assistance in the daily farm operations.

As weather remains one of the most unpredictable factors in farming, we seek to reduce our customers’ uncertainty by bringing accurate, reliable and local weather information to farmers when it matters most.

Over the years, we have become a trusted provider of weather information to farmers, constantly seeking to improve our technology so that farmers can better manage the unpredictability of the weather.

We are committed to providing the most reliable weather data.

“At Cordulus, we’re committed to changing the way industries access data. We leverage AI and weather sensors for a greater purpose - to offer better insights into our future climate and help others mitigate its impact.”

John Smedegaard
Chief Executive Officer
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