Weather data for precision farming

Guard yourself against unpredictable weather with hyperlocal weather data straight from your fields.


Daily weather measurements


Hectares with local weather data


Farmers optimizing their decisions


Countries with weather stations

Maximize your farm's yield

Weather is local and varies over short distances. Let accurate weather data become the backbone of your decision making with a weather station on your field.

Cordulus Farm weather station on a green field
Picture of Niklas Svensson, a Swedish Farmer who uses Cordulus Farm

It's interesting how much the weather can change in just a few kilometers. My neighbor and I often compare data from our stations.

- Niklas Svensson, Swedish farmer

Cordulus Farm app displaying collected hyperlocal weather data

Weather data at your fingertips

Make better decisions with real-time weather data and actionable analyses, customized for your fields in the Cordulus Farm app.

Cordulus Farm user Ian Norbury from the UK

Dead easy to load up the app on your phone, dead easy to look at the app and understand it.

- Ian Norbury, English farmer

Manage risk with local forecasts

Cordulus uses your weather data to create field-specific forecasts that are up to 48% more precise than competitors, helping you plan ahead with certainty.

Heavy rain clouds moving across a green countryside
Maximo, spanish farmer with Cordulus

We saw a 20% increase in the accuracy of our weather forecasts. This allowed us to optimize planting and irrigation schedules, resulting in increased crop productivity.

- Máximo Bourdette Ibáñez Aldecoa, Spanish agronomist

Senior farmer standing in wheat looking toward rain clouds

Stay updated on the rain's movement

Rain can come at the worst times. Our rain radar allows you to follow local weather patterns to save valuable hours and resources.

Mogens Mogensen, farmer with Cordulus

I use the rain radar to follow the development of the rain clouds so I can plan my work and make sure I can finish in the field before the rain starts.

- Mogens Mogensen, Danish farmer

Worry-free subscription

Weather data doesn't have to be complicated. With a comprehensive subscription, you get all the benefits of owning a weather station without any of the downsides.

Cordulus employee showing farmer the app in a wheat field close to harvest
Finnish farmer, Samuel Jussila

It seemed smart that the equipment is like a lease agreement, where broken or outdated parts are replaced with new ones without any extra cost.

- Samuel Jussila, Finnish farmer