Stay ahead of the
weather with Cordulus Farm Station

Cordulus Farm Station helps remotely monitor the weather conditions in your fields to empower your decision making when it matters most.

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Everything you need for farming - in one app

Cordulus Farm Station is your trusted weather companion in the field. Data is collected from your weather station every 10 minutes and transformed into actionable insights, giving you tools to guide you safely throughout the season, from seeding to harvest.

Evaluate past seasons

All historical weather data is stored, making it easy for you to evaluate past growing seasons and determine why crop growth was above or below expected performance.

Stay updated on the now

Know the exact weather conditions in your fields at every moment, and be certain that your field operations will make a difference. With updates every 10 minutes, you’ll never miss the right moment to act.

Plan the future

Plan your field activities ahead. The agri-tailored analyses and field-specific weather forecasts assist you in determining when to sow, spray, harvest and much more.


Simple rental model

A hassle-free rental model that makes it fast and easy for you to access weather information.


Annual subscription

You don’t have to worry about any extra costs. Everything is included in the annual subscription at a fixed cost.


Continual updates

New features and improvements in the app are included as part of the Cordulus Farm Station solution.


Free support

No matter the problem, we’re always here to help. And, we will always service your weather station for free.

A smart weather station, built with farmers in mind

Cordulus Farm station is built for farming and made with farmers in mind. The weather station transmits weather data every 10 minutes directly from your fields, and can withstand the toughest conditions all year round.


Rain Gauge

Wind speed

Air temperature

Air humidity

Air pressure

Soil temperature

Other features

Solar powered

GSM data transfer

SIM and data included

Built-in GPS

Easy installation

Low maintenance

Lifetime warranty

Cordulus Farm Weather Station

Benefit from hyper-local weather, from seeding to harvest

The savings are indicative estimations based on average numbers and figures. Your situation may look different than what is  portrayed in these numbers.

Reduce driving in vain

Reduce time and fuel consumption by monitoring wind and rain conditions to avoid driving to fields with unsuitable weather conditions.

Savings per year

€85 to €265*

Growing Season

Tractor plowing a field

Improve spraying

Double the efficiency of spraying by applying the right amount of products under the right weather conditions.

Savings per year

€650 to €3,2K*


farmer spaying his/hers fields

Avoid product waste

Avoid runoff and increase efficiency by applying plant protection at the optimal times.

Savings per year

€360 to €1,8K*

Growing Season

Green wheat with water drops

Prevent sprayer delays

Prevent delays of the application of mixed chemistry that’s subject to aggressive half-life, avoiding extraneous use of chemistry.

Savings per year

€150 to €460*

Growing Season

Green corn close up

Prevent dry matter loss

Secure the harvest on your fields by ensuring you harvest under the best weather conditions.

Annual savings:

€490 to €1,9K*

Growing Season

Harvesting machine on the field

Reduce drying costs

Harvest when your grain has the perfect moisture content and plan your drying accordingly, saving significantly. 

Annual savings:

€720 to €3,5K*

Growing Season

Silo on farm
Farmer stading in a field using a smartphone

“Cordulus Farm Station has radically changed how I do farming”

Poul Jakob Bønløkke

Lyngbygaard Gods, Denmark

Trusted and chosen by thousands of farmers

The Cordulus Farm Station is a valuable tool for farmers as it provides assistance and resources for their day-to-day work. With more than 2000 farmers using it every day, it demonstrates the widespread adoption and effectiveness of the platform in helping farmers manage their field activities.

Take action on the weather around you

With Cordulus Farm Station, you get access to your own weather station and a network of over 2500 stations.

You can connect to up to 5 additional stations per subscription and choose which stations to connect to. You can change connections at any time.

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